Berlin, Germany

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

Legislation: The possession of marijuana for personal use in Berlin is tolerated, as long as the amount does not exceed a quantity of 10 grams. Nonetheless, I would not suggest traveling around the city with 10 one gram baggies in your pocket.

Law Enforcement: As long as you don’t indulge in the herb in public, you have nothing to worry about. If you do decide to, you still have almost nothing to worry about. Just don’t go making a big deal out of it and you’ll be fine.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Berlin: If you go behind cafe zapata around 945 or later you can get crazy buds!

(on oranienburger street)

In Berlin the best place to buy good hash is at Kottbusser U-bahn station. Just look around and ask… I got a nice bar of hash for 10 euros and was trying to smoke all of it for 6 days!

and also:”

A good example is a bar near Warschauer Strae on the east side of Berlin. Simply exit the station, go right on Warschauer Strae, right again on Revaler Strae, then walk in the second entrance along the wall on the right hand side. Directly after entering, to your left is a bar slash lounge. If you see black people and possibly a ping-pong table then you’re in the right place! Just remember to ask for something to drink first, you don’t want to look suspicious! Other than that, you can go to most parks and ask anyone if they can help you out. People are very friendly in Berlin!

If your in Berlin and wanna get some really dope stuff, take the s-bahn to ‘Schlachtensee’ if the sun is out youll find dozens of smokers here. there’s a large patch of grass just opposite the station by the lake thats full of people sitting in the sun toking away. ”

Berlin Marijuana Prices: 20 for a big chunk of hash or 30 for 2 grams of the bomb!

It varies, but usually between 5 and 7 Euro per gram.

amounts above 10 grams usually 5/gr

above 50 grams 4/gr


Also varies, almost anything and everything is available, including hashish. In any case, the grass is quite good here, considering the price.

More information: Just don’t go parading around with a backpack full of ganja, and you really have nothing to worry about! Besides, there’s the Hemp Parade for that! Enjoy!

Area: 889 sq km

Population: 3.45 million

Country: Germany

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 (Central European Time)

Telephone Area Code: 30

WeBeHigh city’s tale:

Berlin has been at the centre of some of the last century’s most tumultuous events, from the horror of two world wars to the euphoria sparked by the fall of its infamous wall.

But this city of 3.4 million may have been a far mellow place in ancient times. An urn from 500 BC containing marijuana leaves and seeds was discovered near the city, indicating that modern Berliners and their countrymen are just following tradition.

“Three to 8 million people in Germany smoke cannabis more or less regularly,” said freelance journalist Volker Wartmann. “Everybody gets it. They get it on the black market or wherever. If you have two or three grams or so for your own use, you don’t go to jail. It’s kind of half-legal.”

Most Berlin pot and hash comes from the Netherlands or Morocco. Marijuana sells for approximately 5 to 7 Euro ($6 to $8) per gram, while hash is priced between 6 and 8 Euro ($7 and $9). One buyer claimed to have “never been so deep with so few” hits, while another warned that “quality changes with every deal.”

The areas around Bahnhof Zoo and Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg are not safe and should by avoided when looking for a bag. Tourists should also stay clear of the S-Bahn late at night. An unnamed visitor warned, “Never buy anything that is offered to you in the streets. The best thing that can happen to you is that you just lose your money.”

A better bet would be to ask Berliners seen lighting up a joint. They may be willing to point out a dealer or sell some of their homegrown skunk. A visitor also suggests that tourists seeking weed “try Turkish-looking cafés.”

If you’re looking for a cool place to fire up, a visitor named Jo suggests a pub called Zapata im Tacheles located at Oranienburger Strasse 54. “Tacheles represents Berlin and everything its vibe and atmosphere stands for,” Jo said. “The best vibe is the pot-smoking campfires in the ‘junkyard'”


After a smoke session, Berlin offers every kind of entertainment, from raging clubs and drag queen shows to mellow pubs serving world-renowned German beer. A brew called Turn, sold in 80 Berlin pubs, is flavoured with small amounts of hemp and sports a blue marijuana leaf on the label.

While the various German beer festivals are the country’s most famous events, Berlin hosts the nation’s most drug-friendly parties: the Love Parade and the Hemp Parade.

“Germans plan their Love Parade outfits for months beforehand, and there were zillions of spiked, colored hairdos, piercings [and] scantily-clad women, even a few topless,” said Patri, an American traveller. “The actual parade is all these floats, semi’s rigged up with audio equipment, blasting techno with people dancing on them.”

The Hemp Parade attracts tens of thousands of hemp proponents and marijuana enthusiasts to Berlin at the end of each summer. The parade flows around some of the city’s most famous landmarks before ending in a rally that includes bands, speakers and an array of hemp goods and pot paraphernalia for sale. The ultimate goal of the event is to garner support for marijuana legalization. While weed has not yet received a legal reprieve, German laws – and some politicians – are relatively smoker-friendly. Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, the head of the Green Party, is widely rumoured to have been a certified pothead back in his younger days, although he has never admitted it.

When Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder took office he moved the position of drugs commissioner to the Health Ministry, removing the law enforcement focus it had as part of the Interior Ministry.

“Consumers of drugs are not criminals and should be exempt from criminal prosecution,” said Drugs Commissioner Christa Nickels. Marijuana advocacy group NORML reports that German judges often forgive possession of small amounts of cannabis.

“Drug use itself is not a criminal offence, however acquisition of drugs is a crime, regardless of the amount acquired, resulting in one month to four years imprisonment and an ‘appropriate’ fine,” NORML said. “In practice, the courts often waive prosecution if drugs are obtained for personal use.”

Germany’s Supreme Court in 1994 overturned federal laws outlawing cannabis products, but the decision runs afoul of legislation that still lists cannabis as a criminal substance.

Hemp Parade organizer Martin Muencheberg is confident the legislation will eventually be amended, as well. “I think it is just a question of time before it is legalized,” he said.