Bend, OR, Oregon

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is only a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $500 – $1,000.

Conditional discharge (where the offender may opt for probation rather than trial on his first prosecution) is possible for possession offenses(!).

Possession of one ounce or more is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Recreational smoking is somewhat decriminalized as users and dealers with small amounts (1 oz. or less) are a low priority for law enforcement. Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in Oregon, but you must have a permit that is issued by the state with proof of doctor’s prescription (which may or may not be easy to obtain, depending on your connections).

Law enforcement: The cops around here are really hit or miss. Depending on who busts you, you could end up smoking down with the cop(!), or getting your stash taken and a massive fine/Jail Time. Minors here have it a bit rougher. MIPs (Minor In Posession) are almost guaranteed if a minor is caught with bud. These usually have some sort of community service and drug class attached as the punishment, plus a fine.

Where to buy marijuana: Street dealers are hard to come by in Bend, Most deals are carried out privately. If you go downtown, you can most likely find a kid who can hook you up with some good bud. Look for the ppl in the plaza behind Bellataza coffee and The Downtowner, usually smoking and drinking. The ones in the baggier clothes will tend to have really good bud, the street punk kids might have some bud for sale, but they mostly sling acid and other chemicals. Further into downtown, look for the “Indie” kids, around the top of Drake Park in the summer, or around bellataza. They’ll either have some really good bud, or know of someone who does. These kids can usually hook you up with Acid, Mushrooms, Pure MDMA (Molly), and other “softer” drugs, But the most reliable method of getting bud in Bend is through making private contacts. Most people in bend will know someone who sells bud, and the people here are really chill, and super friendly. Alot of “Friend’s Only” dealers, but the plus side is, people here will weigh your sacks out fat once you become close enough. The street kids are liable to rip you off, but will not try to sell you fake weed. The other kids won’t rip you off, and are really nice. Private dealers will usually weigh your sack out in front of you, and offer a “sample”. It’s recommended that you smoke your dealer a bowl after a deal.

Marijuana prices:

Marijuana brands: Some name Brands, but mostly Oregon Homegrown, or Hydro from portland. Trainwreck usually available, as well as some blueberry strains, but for the most part, Central Oregon will only have Oregon Bud. Good bud is easy to come by here, but it’s usually somewhat generic. What we lack in variety, we make up for in quaqlity. It’s hard to get bad weed here, and people will at least have some chronic, if not better. Good weed is cheaper here than in other places, with 2 grams of Trainwreck going for $20-$25. It’s hard to run across anything that won’t get you high. Most people are nice and honest here, alot of small town hippies and snowboarders. It’s hard to get ripped off.

More information: Public smoking is relatively safe, but you have to be somewhat cautious of your surroundings. I’m able to smoke on my front porch, but I live in a more relaxed, young neighborhood. Smoking downtown is very easy, many places to drive to, or walk to on the westside. Drake Park has a waterfront trail that’s very popular for smoking. Further into Drake Park, the are hills that are shaded and ideal for summer smoking. If smoking a joint while walking in other parts of the city, you’ll usually be safe, as cops don’t patrol the sidewalks in other neighborhoods as much. Joint smoking downtown would be safest in the park, as bike cops patrol the trails constantly. Smoking in private residences is very common. Apartments typically are safe, as no one I know in an apartment has ever had a complaint or had the cops been called on them for smell. I tend to either smoke in cars somewhere along the street before I reach my destination, or at my own home.