Belfast, ME, Maine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: anything under an ounce is a misdemeanor. over that and you’re fucked.

Law enforcement: sparse and unpredictable. small town cops. sometimes they’ll take your stuff and tell you to leave, sometimes they’ll write a ticket, sometimes they’ll take you downtown.

Where to buy marijuana: this is rural maine. go down to the skate-park and ask around. the locals are pretty laid back, but having a connection is much, much better.

Marijuana prices: mersh (seedy, stemmy, dry brick shit) 20-30 1/8th

150-200 an O

greenbud (kind bud) 30-45 1/8th 240-350 an O depending on season

dank 50 and up 1/8th

Marijuana brands: white widow, sweet island skunk, grapefruit, you name it we grow it

More information: this is a semi-large town in rural maine. Population 7000 or so. GREAT weed if you can find it though most people seem to stick to mersh. pretty easy to find and low chance of a rip-off. walk through the woods and smoke a j, nobody’ll bother you. belfast has sort of an artsy-hippy vibe going on so most young people smoke and most old people used to. great deals around harvest season (late september-early november). check out harvest fest on the carson hill rd in harmony. it’s a giant festival, tons of bud, tons of music, and kick ass people from all over.