Beirut, Lebanon

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in Lebanon, and so is any related action

Law enforcement: If they come looking for you,then you have a problem. You can’t smoke in the streets the people won’t accept it, nor the civil police. On the other hand if you have a ride in lebanon you can blaze 1k of hash with no hassels, you only have to watch out from checkpoints, and must have all your papers on you ‘not ur rolling papers’ a passport or ID, they shouldn’t see the stuff either. You don’t have to worry aout the red eyes they won’t even bother and think about it. They usually love tourists and they try to leave a good impression.

Where to buy marijuana in Beirut: You can’t buy marijuanna on the streets that’s for sure, but do not hesitate to ask anyone(!) In a club to hook you up with a smoke. Everyone does it here but yet a taboo.

Beirut marijuana prices: 10g = 50,000 = usd 34$ (good quality hash) usually you’ll be able tell by its smell and color.

1 ounce (28grams)= 300,000 = usd 200$ (outdoor weed) or if you’re lucky enough you’ll find some good indoor whitewidow, although only a couple of peoplw grow it in Lebanon.

Brands: a wide variety of hash…it’s just all good different buzz

More information: Now u can virtually buy rizlaz, smoking paper in any gaz station. weather it’s a rolls or king size or small papers. u can even find grinders and rolling machines.