Batam Island, Indonesia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2

Legislation: Marijuana is a Class A drug in Indonesia, on the same level as heroin.

Law enforcement: Since the government closed down the casinos the police have targetted narcotics as a reveue source. Be very careful here, the police use entrapment a lot to catch drug users. Being caught with just one joint could mean 6-10 months in prison. If you get caught with marijuana, your only way out is to negotiate with the Narkoba police and if you are a foreigner they will hit you hard for $.

Where to buy marijuana: Try the Ojeks (motorcycle taxis). Also can try some of the working girls. Be extremely careful.

Marijuana prices: RP 250,000 for 150-250 gm, will come with lots of stick and seeds.

Marijuana brands: Only poor quality swag is available. The quality is pretty shitty.

More information: If you buy ganja here, don’t let the seller know where you are staying. Otherwise you could get a visit by the narkoba police afterwards.