Marijuana is illegal in Thailand, and so is any related activity. Marijuana isn’t treated as lightly in Thailand as it is in the United States. In fact, if you get caught, the cops will treat you as if you got caught with Heroin.

Law Enforcement

Strict especially if your a tourist – I lived in Thailand for 8 years and I smoked pot for 6 of those years. I have been arrested 3 times in Bangkok and weed is no joking matter with the cops. I had maybe 20 grams and was told I’d be in prison for 10 years with a smile. Cops are not paid well in Thailand so I was lucky to get corrupted cops each time and paid my way out. Let me put it this way, they have a World Cup of soccer in the jails there because there are so many tourist caught with drugs. The best way is to go in the south in the islands and there are not many cops there. As for asking in Khoa San… that is a stupid idea. They will want to make money off it and than fuck you over with cops so everyone makes money. I have had a cop pull a sack of weed from his pocket threatening me to put it on me if I was to come back to that area.

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Marijuana import, export or possession are strictly prohibited.

In the past year the police have been raiding bars and forcing people to give urine samples and drug tests. They are crazy. Pot is a lot less available and a lot more expensive, not to mention other drugs. This situation will hopefully correct itself soon enough.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Bangkok

Read the NEWEST comments for the latest information!!!

“I read a lot on the internet about “hot spots” to buy weed. To follow any of that advice, the people there are hella scared to even pronounce the word “marijuana” fearing that the cops might hear them. As a tourist, I spent a few days asking middle age people for the “goods.” Finaly, I came up with a solution. THIS PLAN WORKS. I got in a “tuk tuk,” with a young driver. At a red light I kindly asked him if he could get me some….success. He dropped me of for about 6 minutes, came back with 4 or so grams and took me back to my hotel.”

Other Advice:

  • Go to Soi 33. Go down the Soi until you reach the parking lot. There will be an old lady there who will sell you any amount of marijuana. Also, go to Soi 26 all the way at the very end of the Soi there will be a hotel. The motorcycle taxi drivers outside the hotel will sell you any drug. You will have to wait a while before you get it. But theres a bar in the hotel and a 7/11 outside so you can kill time.
  • Locate the street called TROK MAYOM, its a backstreet to Khao Sarn Rd.
  • LOTS of reggae bars, ask any of them… OR ask at the clothes shop located in the middle of that street… just look of for stoners 😀 heheh
  • Motorcycle taxis
  • Kawa-San street, home to many of Bangkok’s guest houses, is also the center of Bangkok pot. When walking around Kawa-san, ask any of the guest house clerks or owners, who will either sell you the weed their selves, or point you in the right direction.
  • There is a very good massage parlor called Darling close to Sukhumvit on Soi 12. Go there and if you lucky they will get you a pre rolled pack of 20 joints.
  • In the islands, it is even easier to purchase pot. For example, the Bob-Marley restaurant in Kopan-gan sells pot as a menu item.
  • Nana = fail too risky expensive n garbage weed. Khao san I beleive we might get lucky there but of course only if u got them balls!
  • Let me warn you, there are many scammers out there that just troll this site, and after visiting here a few times, you should be able to swift thru them and be on your way. However if you read all threads carefully, you will see the difference and could get lucky. For tourist you can try any Tuk Tuk driver in BKK area, young, and preferability have a ganja leave on his Tuk Tuk somewhere. Just smile and ask nicely, but not loudly, you should be set for your stay here.

“The best way to find weed is to go out and ask every White or really Black person you meet. Never buy dope off of Thai people (No offence, na khrub!) without a referral from an Expat FIRST! If I was Thai, and all of you fools (multicoloured monkies) were coming to my country and making a mess, I would GLADLY help the cops and get your ass busted for a few extra bucks. Wouldn’t you?”

Tips for buying:

  1. Don’t give them the money until they give you the weed. If you give them the money first they will rat you out to the police and make “double money.”
  2. Don’t be scared to negotiate the price. Thai are nice people, and they will always drop the price to about 1/2 of what they originaly said.
  3. Watch out for the POLICE!!!

Marijuana Prices and Types

2000 baht should get you a ripe old amount wrapped in newspaper and very fresh. 500 baht will get you an amazing amount as well of the same stuff. Never pay more than 2000. Never pay less than 200-300.

Mostly ganja, but nepalese hashish is also available but you need a contact. Local weed usually grown in the northeast of Thailand is sold. The local weed has is not very potent, and sometimes contains seeds.

More information

Better of going to the islands 😀 but for the time in BKK is fine 😉

In Pratunam, near the markets and the hotel Indra Regent you will find what you are after but be sure to be discreet. I lived in BKK for 8 months and I always just went here for my ganja supply rather than giving any local dealer my address or phone number. Outside this tourist hotel I mentioned, towards the main road, you will see (after 6pm) a group of tuk-tuk drivers waiting around for passengers and just chatting jovially to one another, or possibly even drinking thai whisky (sangsom) Ask any of these guys for ‘ganja’. They are the same guys who hang there any day of the week so you ain’t getting ripped off here. The way it works is they will call their buddy who will be a cab driver (I will not give names or cab numbers) they will arrive 10 mins later driving a green and yellow ‘meter’ taxi. You will get into the taxi (the guy that organised him will tell you when the driver gets their and which taxi he is in) and once you are in and doors closed, he will give you the ganja. You don’t need to take a ride anywhere.

ALWAYS ESTABLISH THE PRICE BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING IN THAILAND, same goes for ganja. You should expect to pay as a tourist, approx 1500 baht for 5 grams of compressed local grown outdoor weed (without seeds or stems more often than not). Pot is consistently much cheaper in Bangkok then it is at any of the major tourist islands eg. Phuket, Phi Phi

Thai people are easy going, friendly and genuine. Always remember to smile (even if you are annoyed or bothered) and they will dig even further to help you.

Keep the ganja away from police unless you happen to be carrying around $1500 – $2000 USD or the equivalent in thai baht to use as a bribe. If you should get caught, as happens, if you are going to bribe, do it straight away before he calls his mates over and tell him that the ‘gift’ is only for him. Otherwise you could end up paying 4-6 thousand US to keep his buddies quiet.

I am talking from experience. If you get busted, be quick and firm with your offer. You have a 90% chance of enjoying the rest of your stay. Otherwise, think Bangkok Hilton.

Please stop taking pictures with the tiny parkinglot shrines! Those are for prayers! Not for your ass to lean up against and take selfies.

A good in-depth write-up on Thailand can be read here: Weed in Thailand: Law and Reality

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  • romeilo

    Now, I really prefer to buy everything from Thailand now, this is where I buy my stuff, for $20 “Personal Shopper Bangkok” (Google it I don’t have the exact link) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same cheap service in Paris or New York !!!

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  • 420thailand

    i read a lot of the threads below, and i feel sorry for some of you living here and not being able to hook up! For those that went on the scam where the last minute need to transfer, again, so sorry, that happened to me about a year ago, of course i did not transfer but i wasted my time and sat there for over an hour waiting for the so called “agents” … should have known that it does not work that way, come on…. the agents are all delivering in the area, this is Bangkok not somewhere else. Also, just tell them to meet you some place, no mater where you say, they will be like ok, so like i will meet you on rama 13 road….

    This site really did help me, i have been in thailand a long time and this site helps me from time to time to find connections that i needed.

    Let me warn you, there are many scammers out there that just troll this site, and after visiting here a few times, you should be able to swift thru them and be on your way.

    however if you read all threads carefully, you will see the difference and could get lucky.

    i am very very appreciative of this website and try to pay back some of the good karma. You may email me if you live here and are serious, i think i can point you in the right direction as long as you seem reasonable and responsible, after all, we are not looking the ruin something for 1 person that will affect many others.

    PLEASE, only if you live and work here. Sorry tourist but that is another side of the coin, and there are others out there to help you, you are always rushed and time constraints so its just too much effort than its worth. As all this will do is set you in the right direction, there is no instant hook up thru this… takes time to build trust and move onto the next level. Expats, try this email;

    For tourist you can try any Tuk Tuk driver in BKK area, young, and preferability have a ganja leave on his Tuk Tuk somewhere. Just smile and ask nicely, but not loudly, you should be set for your stay here.

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  • Bob

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  • James Moylan

    I am the National Campaign Director of the HEMP Party in Australia and was a senate candidate in Qld during the last Federal Elections in our country. I will be in Bangkok for ten days from this Saturday and I’d love to catch up with any local cannabis law reform advocates. jamesmmoylan@hotmail.com

  • moe

    I got some from the motorbike taxi drivers on soi 33. The next day I bought twice the quantity for half the price from Ming reggae bar in Trok Mayom. Shit was sooo good.

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