Bangalore, India

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4 (illegal, but nobody gives a #$@%)

Legislation: Cannabis is illegal, and you can face 6months to 2years in prison… but It’s rarely if ever heard of conviction.

Law Enforcement: Pot is illegal but is generally ignored at the user level. Have less than 1/2 oz and nobody cares. The absolute exception is in airports- don’t cause a scene.

If you happen to get caught by the cops (very very rare), you’ll be able to get away with a small bribe, if you’re lucky. It’s generally a good idea to keep a low profile, and just enjoy your smokes without bothering other people.

a local reporter added: “I was in Bangalore in November 2006 and the cops have have of late been cracking down on dealers and buyers. The good thing about India is that the crackdowns are short lived and 6-7 months later everything is back to square one.”

Where to buy marijuana in Bangalore: Kanakpura, goripalya, market… but the better weed is sold outside the city

Easy. walk down a line of auto rickshaws and say ganga. Beware your dealer connection. Ask if they smoke. Ask if they have smoked the stuff you are buying. Negotiate the ride and ask the price of the herb.

Bangalore marijuana prices:

A 40-50gm (~1.5oz) pack of weed is priced at about Rs.120-150 (US$2.5-3.5), nothing more. However, if you’re a foreigner, and you happen to score via an autorickshaw driver, you’ll definitely get charged a few extra bucks.

If u r scoring from auto drivers i can gurantee tht u will get ripped off…starts at 30(pretty useless), 120 – 150 are is the decent price.. It is better to know some1 who smokes…

Bangalore marijuana brands: The quality of marijuana varies widely, depending on where/whom you buy from. Most of the weed is generally grown outdoors, and sometimes may be smuggled in from neighbouring states. Very rarely, within the city, you may find peddlers selling extremely dark (almost brownish-black), and funny smelling weed. DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF, as it is spiked with all sorts of junk (ranging from shoe polish to brown sugar)… I’m not sure why they do this, but it ends up being an extremely harsh smoke & a $*%#ed up trip!

The best (100% pure) weed, which is also the most potent, is scored from places just outside the city (Anekal, Ramnagaram, Mallur etc), but getting there requires information regarding the roads, and whom to ask. They usually don’t sell to people they’ve never seen before.

More information: You’ll be better off if you find some local stoners and hook up with them. People in Bangalore are generally laid back, and may be willing to help you out even if they don’t smoke themselves. You’ll find a lot of them in the several pubs within the city (Brigade Rd, Residency Rd etc). Common places to smoke, after a few beers, are the alleys in & around these parts, and Rest House Rd (parallel to Brigade Rd).

Bring your own papers.

City report:

I’ve scored in 7 cities in India – Delhi, Bombay, Manali, Bangalore, Chennai, Jamshedpur, Calcutta. Of these, Chennai is the worst, and Bangalore is a close 2nd.

Delhi, Manali are infinitely more tolerant towards marijuana, compared to Bangalore. Pot isn’t widely available, and is not very tolerated. In delhi, manali and even bombay, you can smoke up in the open. Bangalore’s shit, trust me.