Baltistan, Pakistan

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation: If you DO end up somehow getting caught (highly unlikely), you can face some time. However, I can’t exaggerate how unlikely it is to get caught in Islamabad. You see people sitting in the park and smoking in the open. You also see truck drivers smoking while they drive.

Law Enforcement: There’s really no police here.

Where to buy marijuana in Baltistan: This can be tough. You might find some fields of Cannabis Indica growing natively, but, while other drugs will be easier to find, marijuana isn’t that common here. You can buy it or get it free from a truck driver that is driving through the village. They are from Peshawar and almost always have hash on them in the truck.

DO NOT try to smuggle it onboard from Pakistan to Baltistan. It isn’t that hard, you can put baggies in your underwear or socks, but if you do happen to get caught, you might face some serious time.

If you’re in a big city like Khaplu or Skardu, obtaining it is done by just walking around and asking shady characters. You can tell the difference because you’ll see groups of people sitting around listening to music or dressed modernly. This is not common in Baltistan so it’s eay to pick out who might have it.

Baltistan marijuana Prices: Free or very cheap. Depends on where/how you obtain it.

Brands: Pakistani/Afghani Sativa or homegrown Indica. You won’t find Northern Lights/NYC Sour Diesel here. Just the natural outdoor goodness.

More information: Baltistan is in the northern area of Pakistan. It is a different country but Pakistan has control over most of it. India has control over the rest.