Bali, Indonesia

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2.5

Legislation: Possession, Sale, and Consumption of Marijuana is Illegal and punishable with prison 10 years prison and the death penalty is given for trafficking.

Law enforcement: The laws are enforced strongly, especially recently over the controversy with the Bali nine, and Australian trafficking and terrorist attacks. Searches happen though this is mainly for bombs. Though Bali is highly concentrated with police in tourist areas especially Kuta and Legian. Police will except bribes, and generally know not to hassle tourists without due cause.

Where to buy marijuana in bali: Head down to Poppies lane in Kuta and walk around the square that area has a high concentration of dealers; also you can hookup from other tourists, particularly Aussie surfer dudes. Night Clubs will be abundant with dealers and you will generally be approached more than once in areas like Kuta. Be careful when you buy your weed there is a lot of dealers selling you fake stuff, in fact you will most likely be offered this, even though it looks like pot it will not smell like it, the fake stuff smells dusty. I suggest u smoke a bit of it first to test it, tell them you want to test it and that you will pay for the bag if its real weed and they have no problem, though of recent the tsunami’s in Banda Aceh have seriously affected the marijuana available, most local marijuana comes from Aceh, and the supply has been temporarily cut off for now, causing prices to increase, and way too much fake marijuana being available. In fact In my own experience I co uldn’t even manage to score real weed despite the myriad of dealers. In Bali Shrooms are legally sold and I do recommend you purchase some, makes for a wonderful experience with someone special, In the Mushroom Warungs (cafeteria’s) ask the person to hook you up, just make sure you try before you buy. Yet as you are buying from a warung you will probably get real stuff. Beware of all the hustlers who offer you a hook up chances are they end up taking u to the end somewhere scamming you to pay transport and tell you that the guy just ran out though he will have some later and then you end up being forced to buy some handicrafts or something. So just be careful Hustlers are plentiful and the scams elaborate.

a recent report we recieved : “Essentially all over Bali you can get it, However mainly on Jalan Legian, which is the street that ALOT of the bars/pubs/clubs are on in Bali and therefore alot of tourists. I tend never to really go to Nusa Dua, as it is the more expensive part of Bali, so im unsure as to whether you can get it there. But wherever there is a large body of tourists you will find both genuine dealers and scam artists. So as in the other article you can ask to test it and that will be ok, as long as you aren’t cheeky about it.”

Bali Marijuana prices: Aceh Weed and Nepalese hash 500,000 Rupiah for a good 10 grams, though make sure you bargain you will initially be charged much more and u can get the price down to 350,000 Rupiah. Australian hydro varies, Aussies get better prices than others, though its about 30 USD for a gram, but as I said earlier prices vary greatly ive heard people saying they’ve paid as much as 80 USD for a gram. Though generally I suggest you don’t pay that much, it means prices go up and stay up.

a recent erport we recieved is: “The prices that are stated in the original report are rip off prices, however if you are a tourist and cannot speak the language or are only speaking from a book, you will generally get those sorts of prices. Good weed is indeed incredibly hard to come by, but if you are a good negotiator (and you manage to find it) you can get it for 50-100 thou, depending on your attitude with the guy.”

Brands: Australian Hydro (mainly skunk, especially red hair), Nepalese Hash, Thai Sticks, Aceh Weed, Scwhag.

More information:

The main problem with smoking in public is that if people think they can get a bob or two out of reporting you to the police, then they will. Either the police will expect a bribe (higher if your a Tourist). But they may also use the situation to get money out of the premises, as that is where they found you. Smoking in clubs isnt really tolerated as Bali is incredibly security conscious after the bombings. Also there is the risk of police coming into the club, either for a different reson or because someone else has reported you, so due to the hassle of having to deal with the police the club/pub owners generally dont like it. Smoking on the beach is always fun, but it can be quite windy, and not really reccommended. Hotels are probably the safest place to smoke, just as long as you dont really rouse much suspicion. Any harder drugs can be found there or in Club 66 or along Jalan Legian (with plenty of people whispering in broken english the names and slan g names). 66 is essentially a rave everynight, in a club that is right on the beach. Even if you dont do any drugs, it is recommended (althought slightly more expensive than other places), as long as your comfortable around homosexuals, but usually they make they night more interesting.