Augusta, ME, Maine

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4

Legislation:Same as the rest of Maine. Less than 1.25 oz is a civil violation with no jail time and fines of $200 – $400. Paraphernalia possession and use is a civil violation and a fine of $200. The conduct is treated like a minor traffic violation. The state does have medical marijuana laws enacted.

Law enforcement: If you’re cool about it, the cops may confiscate to material and let you go with a warning, if you only have a little. Otherwise, you’re going to get slapped with a fine. Generally speaking, the cops in this city have better things to do than bust people for smoking. Having lived in Augusta, I can safely say I’ve driven in daytime traffic smoking a bowl discreetly and had no trouble. Just be smart and you can smoke just about anywhere. Great places to smoke include nearby Vaughn’s Woods and Winthrop Beach late at night.

Where to buy marijuana: Just about anyone in the area is likely to smoke. Don’t ask inside Cosmic Charlie’s, but ask the customers coming out. Nearby Hollowel of thriving with hippies and stoners. Ask Slates Bakery customers. You’ll know the type when you see them. Best to avoid Sand Hill, however.

Marijuana prices:Green Bud is usually easy to come by priced right around $35-40 an eighth. Mesh can be found at $30 a bag. Good stuff is harder to come by and is going to cost you upwards of $50-60 a slice. And that’s if you can find it.