Auckland, New Zealand

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Marijuana is illegal in New Zealand, and so is any related action (growing, purchasing, smoking etc.)

Law enforcement: grass is tollerated, everyone smokes weed here, but no one admits to it. If the police catch you doing somthing illagle and find weed on you, then its a trip to the popo station. But i have often smoked a joint in the middle of town and no one really cares, just play it cool.

Where to buy marijuana: If you’re in auckland over a weekend be sure to try Aeotera Square, toward the top of queen street on a friday/saturday night.

Quality wise, on the street its not the best, but its allways weed.. Unlike other countries NZ wont rip you off completly.

Else jump on the train and go further south from auckland (Otara/Papakura) you can score much easier, but you will usually end up buying from gangs.

Else spot a stoner, say wassup, and most people will hook you up.

another reporter added: “easy to score tinnys in otara ask random polynesian teenagers hanging round the streets there are also alot of public houses where u can score from too just be careful in otara beacause there are alot of police. you can also score easy in town in albert par or ask the bums on hobson street. otherwise if u anywhere else ask teenagers that look like they smoke. polynesians and maoris. weed is everywhere in auckland easy to get”

Marijuana prices: A foil is typically 1 gram, and cost you $20 NZD. $50 will get you 3-4g.

an oz of ourdoor bush is 250~, and good indoor is around 300-350 NZD.

and also: ” $20 tinny

$50 50 bag

$100 hundy bag

ounces are $250-$350 depending on skunk and indoor/outdoor

Marijuana brands: no one really tells u what buds it is they just say skunky if its good. but theres purple haze, white rhino, orange ruffie

More information: Absoloutly no hash, anywhere.. Which sucks.