Auburn, AL, Alabama

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 2


Marijuana is illegal in Alabama. Possession of marijuana is a criminal, arrestable offense. Those caught with cannabis in Alabama face a misdemeanor possession charge with a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail, but more commonly suspended probation, and up to a $6,000 fine. Intent to sell is a Class C felony with a mandatory minimum 1 year sentence. Concentrates and hashish are felony possession charges. Sale to a minor is punishable by a sentence of 10 to life. Cultivation is illegal. Alabama does allow medicinal CBD oil under Carly’s Law to treat children with seizures.

Law Enforcement

Cops in Auburn are pretty rough, don’t be stupid, smoke indoors. They usually stay away from apartments and just roam the streets. You will almost always see a cop strolling on any street you are on in Auburn, especially S. College Street and Glenn Avenue. Again, I cant stress enough to stay indoors while smoking.

Where to buy marijuana in Auburn, Alabama

Auburn is college town, so asking around will just get you in trouble. But sometimes college towns and bars are the easiest ways to make these sort of connections. Venture to Auburn’s sister city Opelika if you don’t have any pothead friends or connects. Past the hospital in Opelika, there is a split in the road to the right, you don’t want to go that way. Bare left and take the next left at some radio building. Your target area is fourth and fifth street. Just drive rather slow up and down and you will know who’s selling, if you’ve got money and you don’t know what to buy, just ask for a gram (or dime, quarter, 20, 40, etc).

If you’re looking to make a stash for your stay ask for an amount. I discourage going at all hours of the night, it get’s mighty rough. But honestly, a lot of people smoke weed in Auburn, every person I hung out with either smokes weed, or knows where to get it and will usually be kind enough to help you out if you don’t seem like a sketchy person

Auburn Marijuana Prices

Auburn cannabis is priced similarly to other illegal states. Expect to pay $15-20 per gram of high quality. Expect $45-60 per 1/8th of flower but pay no more. An ounce in Auburn will run you $250-300+. Typically people do not sell grams, mostly half eights (1.75g) and eights (3.5g).

Most of the weed in Alabama is the chronic good stuff, no name dank. You can maybe find mids for $25-30 per 1/8th.


Commercial and indoor, purp is rare, usually beasters and headies.