Amherst, MA, Massachusetts


On November 8th 2016 the residents of Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. The bill goes live on December 15th 2016. However the first licenses for cannabis clubs in Massachusetts will not be issued until January 1st 2018.

The reason for this delay, is that the state will need to take time to give out the business licenses for legal cannabis clubs to open, and there are many other details that need to be figured out, but it is indeed happening and you will not need a medical card to purchase cannabis.

The bill, going into effect this December, will allow adults to grow 6 mature plants per household, per adult, in an enclosed, locked space. This means if you have 2 adults in your household, you are allowed 12 plants.

Adults 21 years of age or older will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana outside of their residence and up to 10 ounces of marijuana in an enclosed, locked space within their dwellings.

Without pot shops, you must obtain cannabis in the mean time through a “gift” program. Someone can legally give you marijuana, and you can possess it, but it is technically not legal to sell it yet. This is the same thing we saw in Colorado and Washington when they first legalized.

Law enforcement

The police in Amherst are a-holes. But you’re not gonna get busted unless year blaze near them or near any preppy looking adults of “higher society”. A lot of the rents blaze too; it is a hippyish town. At night, you can really blaze anywhere but stay out big parking lots. You could always go into leverett (10min away in the boonies and blaze on a mountain). Oh, and watch out for Officer Foster in the red pick-up truck.

Where to buy marijuana

There are lots of places to buy bud in amherst. Rao’s coffee is a local hangout fpr dealers and stoners. Ask any one of the teenagers there or any one who looks like they smoke your bound to find somethere. There are 2 collages and a university there so there lots of collage bud. Hampshire collage is filled with drugs, mainly bud. 1 out of every 5 people smoke, so you will deffinitly find some. Its not near the center of town but you can take a free bus ride. You can sometimes find bud in the boulders and southpoint apartment complex’s, there problem there is you need a connection to the dealers because some people will sell you dirt or just take the money and run. if they ask you for the money and say they will pick it up for you, make up some excuse like you lost your money because they WILL ROBB YOU. otherwise amherst is a good place to buy bud.

Marijuana prices

mids: $10-gram, $35-1/8,$55-65 1/4,$120-1/2oz,$220-1oz.

Marijuana brands

Usually there’s just various headies and high-mids running around. All the good shit comes from California and Boston (which often gets weed from california). Once in a great while you can find some crazy shit, haze, hydros, sour dz, etc. Lots of weed, One hookah shop, PLENTY of stoners.

More information

If you plan to smoke in the center of town go down by cousins market. Take the back alley and and go behind the buldin, theres a tiny alley that could fit about 6 people in it. You will probally find other smokers there so feel free to blaze it up. If you look around you can find many spots. if you are near the regional high school go near the wood next to the track, thats a good spot for smoking. Sour Diesel originates from Amherst. Umass has a Coalition for Cannabis Reform

Northampton is W down route 9 – lots of culture (and weed) there