Alymer, Canada

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: our most recent report is: “Marijuana is NOT legal in canada. Whoever wrote here saying that it was legalized in 2003, is WRONG. That was a bill that failed to make it into law. Thats not to say that Marijuana is very-illegal or anything, but on paper it is still illegal. If you are caught growing/trafficking, you will be arrested and charged. if you are caught with like 10g or less, in a single bag, the cop will probably just take it away. very unlikely that you will be charged, or even spoken to by a cop about it.”

Law enforcement: All the cops in Aylmer are different, especially their views on marijauana. Most of the older police officers are strictly against it. It is crucial that you be as co-operative and polite with them as possible. If you are a complete ass hole to them, they’ll throw your ass in the back of a police cruiser for even possetion of 3g. Although if you are polite, they might let it slide.

another report is: “Aylmer Police make little enforcement efforts, if any.

If a cop sees you, they will either do nothing or toss your bag depending on the cop. Some cops can be harsh, but it all depends on who you encounter. Don’t blow smoke in their face and you’ll be fine. However there have been a few big busts recently. Just smoke in your house or car or anywhere outside thats not right infront of a cop and you will be fine. The SWAT team has showed up at at least one high school in the city and arrested people.”

Where to buy marijuana: Head down to the galeries d’aylmer mall, that would be your best shit if you dont have a dealer.

another reporter added: “Anywhere go around the corner of the Galeries and someone has weed all you need to do is ask.”

and also “Buying weed in Ay is hard if you don’t have a personal supplier. Buying from Les Galeries D’Aylmer is tricky, but anywhere where teenagers hangout, there is bound to be a dealer. The frank robinson arena (indoor skate park during the summer) is also a good place.”

Marijuana prices: $5= .5g

$10= 1g

$15= 2g

$20= 3g

$30= 5g

$45= 7g ( quarter)

$100-$160= 28g (oz) (price varies depending on quality)

10$ / gram

35-40$ / 1/4 O

75-80$ / 1/2 O

160-180 / O

another report: “Marijuana prices vary from person to person. Usually, a gram can go for $10, $5 if you know some good connections. $15 for 2g, a 14 (half an ounce) can go for $74 – $90, and a ounce usually $140. Although i have never bought anything more than an ounce. And with weed this good, you don’t need more than an ounce”

Marijuana brands: mostly all very nice chron, hydro, blueberry, fucking nice outdoor too.

Stronger strains show up randomly

More information: Some of the best weed in all Canada is found right here in AY, great prices too.

In Aylmer, there is a large fued between the french teenagers, and the english teenagers. Some people can identify what language they speak just by looking at them, or where they are hanging out. The aylmer mall, deschenes, and the arena are mainly french territory, but old aylmer (towards the marina, down principale street) is primarily english territory. If you speak the wrong language to some people, they might scam you. Your best bet is to befriend a dealer to get good deals… and free weed 😉