Accra, Ghana

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3.5

Legislation: Buying/selling/consuming marijuana is illegal in Ghana.

Law enforcement: As of 2007, police focus primarily on traffic management and not security – so no patrols spotted near clubs, bars and the beaches, where you would think of smoking.

Smoking inside clubs and bars is not recommended at all, due to the establishment’s own security teams which might cause trouble.

On the beaches in and near Accra you’ll certainly meet all Rasta-men who smoke – and if you’re OK they always share a joint with you.

Where to buy marijuana in Ghana: Accra – as Europeans, first we checked near the clubs. Basically in front of every club, you’re going to have a guy selling cigarettes. If you ask for weed, he will most probably get it for you.

The same applies to the taxi drivers.

On the beach – Accra or near Accra – manage with any of the Rasta.

Labadi Beach! On Wednesday nights, Labadi Beach is host to a huge reggae party where it is virtually impossible not to find weed. Enjoy!

Marijuana prices:

Price for foreigners: 0.1 Cedi (10 cents USD) for a piece enough for a joint. With a good hookup 20 – 30 grams for 3 Cedis (3USD) is not unheard of.

Marijuana brands: Grown in the bush, with significant differences from seller to seller, this weed still remains the best from Western Africa region.

More information: I wonder why Ghana was left out of this stoner’s guide… If the atmosphere remains as it is now, Ghana is by far the best place in West-Africa to enjoy a joint on the beach, in the sound of djembe and kpanlogo drums; check for the beach a few km West of Accra in your travel book.